About Us

The Immaculate Conception Foundation, Inc. is a non profit organization, qualified for 501(c)(3) status, which was founded on August 2, 1941. This Foundation is composed of 5 volunteer members in its Administrative Circle (Board of Directors). By using the tools available in the Catholic Church, it also serves the spiritual needs of the community in general through retreats, prayer groups, counseling, and other needs that may arise, when possible.

The fundamental purpose of this Foundation is to educate orphan and needy children in order to provide them with a better opportunity for a prosperous future and prepare them to become productive citizens in society. We are currently sponsoring the orphanage “Hogar de Ninas Hijas de la Altagracia” in Bani, Dominican Republic.

In this Foundation we have an ecumenical acceptance, where all our brothers and sisters from other denominations are accepted with open arms. This is done following God’s teaching to love one another.